The Raw Cacao Torte of a Lifetime

I’m through with guilt. As a woman, my brain was trained to deliver remorseful-code after every box of Ferrero Rocher. I was a bit of a tart for them. But what if you could turn your chocolate cravings into a nutritional hit? Find something sinful, but utterly saintly?

I’ve nailed it. And my husband saw the break-dance to prove it. Now it’s all yours …



½ cup sticky dates, like Medjool
Up to 1 cup (roasted) hazelnuts
Pinch, good organic unrefined salt
2 tablespoons carob, raw cacao or cocoa powder


¼ cup warm water
5 tablespoons raw cacao or cocoa powder
4-5 tablespoons local raw honey, maple or date syrup
1x 170g jar hazelnut butter
1-2 teaspoons tamari soya sauce
3 tablespoons melted cacao butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract



Chop the dates into small pieces. Whizz in a high-speed blender with
the remaining base ingredients until thoroughly socialised. You will
need the teeniest splash of water to bring it together. Press the
mixture firmly into a small spring-based circular tin. These are the
funny sort of circular tins that detach from its sides. You could make
a number of individual tarts too, if you have a few cookie-cutter
rings. Aim for a thin base. Refrigerate. Any left over mixture? Freeze
for another torte-making day or add to your morning’s soya yoghurt with
blueberries and jazz.

To make the filling, give the water, cacao, sweetener, hazelnut butter
and tamari a good whizz in the blender. Slowly add the melted cacao
butter. You should have a dense, dark, glossy ganache by now. Taste,
and decide whether you’d like more sweetness from honey or salty kick
from tamari soya sauce.

Once happy, spread the filling over your base and decorate with a
mischievous smile. Store in the freezer, or your belly.




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  1. Mary-Pat

    For the first time in my life, I could be found sneaking into the kitchen at night with a teaspoon eating this cake! Along with the soldier bars, possibly the divinest thing I’ve eaten so far- I bow down to you Susan Jane White!!

  2. Edel

    Hi susan. Firstly your book is amazing ! Well done. I’m very excited about trying so many recipes. 
    Quick question is this tart the same as the pitch dark cacao torte on page 233 of your book. It looks identical apart from using hazelnuts and hazelnut butter in this recipe? And the omission of orange zest ? Are these different cakes or just slight variations of each other. I’m swaying towards the ferroro rocher one?
    Last question can I use 100% organic raw coconut oil that I have solidified in a jar for your recipes or shoulddoes extra virgin olive oil come in liquid form?

    1. Susan Jane

      Hi Edel. Delighra to hear! Yes, the tarts are interchangeable so go with what you fancy so long as the proportions stay the same. The Hazelnut one is pretty celestial. Regarding coconut oil – sounds like your is perfect! Wishing your pots and pans much merriment. SJ

    1. Susan Jane

      Hi Laurie. No replacement I’m afraid 🙁 That would be like making brownies without the chocolate. You could leave it out for a very different vibe and sticky, thick cake. But not a smooth torte. Still yummo. Hope this helps !

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