Conversion, cups to grams

1 CUP = ? g 


I always get asked for conversions from cups to grams. So here you go! Ask, and you shall receive (4 years later admittedly, but I’ve been busy keeping mini humans alive).

Please note that these are officially the measurements for British / NZ / Ozzie cups. American cup size is slightly (13ml) smaller which might be worth keeping in mind if your recipe is from the US.



Almonds                     140g

Almonds, gr                100g

Brazil nuts                  140g

Cashews                      135g

Chia, milled                 90g

Chia, whole                 170g

Flax, milled                  110g

Flax                               155g

Hazelnuts                    135g

Macadamia                  140g

Milled seeds                120g

Pecans                         110g

Pistachios                    135g

Pine nuts                     140g

Pumpkin seeds            135g

Sunflower seeds          140g

Sesame                        140g

Walnuts                       120g

Nut butter                   270g (1/2 cup = 140g)




Brown rice flour          130g

Buckwheat flour         140g

Cocoa / Cacao             100g

Chestnut flour             100g

Chickpea flour             110g

Coconut flour              130g

Millet, flakes               115g

Millet, flour                130g

Oats                            90g

Polenta, fine                135g

Potato flour                 160g

Quinoa flakes              100g

Quinoa flour                120g

Rye flour                     140g

Sorghum flour             110g

Spelt, flour                  120g

Soya flour                   95g

Teff flour                    145g




Coconut sugar             140g

Dates, pitted               140g

Dates, Medjools         150g

Jaggery                        130g

Prunes                         180g

Raisins                        150g (115g = ¾)

Stevia erylite              200g

Xylitol                        200g




Frozen peas                140g

Leeks, chopped           100g

Butternut, chopped    150g

Sw Potato, chopped   150g

Carrot, grated              70g

Potato, mashed           200g

Pineapple, chopped    150g

Banana, mashed          250g

Banana, dried              115g

Banana, chips              70g

Desiccated coconut     80g

Strawberries                165g

Cherries, dried             100g

Goji berries                 100g

Amaranth                    200g

Buckwheat, grain        200g

Quinoa                        200g

Lentils, puy                  210g

Lentils, red                  190g

Dried chickpeas          200g

Butterbeans                 170g

Red kidney beans        180g

Cacao nibs                   130g

Nutritional yeast         40g

Sea veg, mixed        40g



2/3 cup = 165ml

1/3 cup = 80ml

¾ cup = 190ml

¼ cup = 60ml

1/2 cup = 125ml



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  1. JA

    I have quietly followed, diligently read and very messily made many of your fantastic recipes!! Without comment or thanks (regretfully!) however I couldn\’t enjoy the benefits and value of this the best ever cup to gram list on earth…a zillion chia seeds of thanks 

  2. Penelope Angela Mohan

    Hello Susan, can you give me CUP equivalent measurement for the following ingredients, please.This is for a Christmas Pudding. Please help me. Thank you.
    115 grams. Self-raising flour
    115 grams. Raisins
    115 grams Sultanas
    115 grams. Breadcrumbs
    115 grams. Dark Brown Sugar
    115 grams Vegetable Shredded Suet (this may have to be bought from a store, I presume).
    Thank you

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