An evening on Mental Health & Wellbeing, with Professor Lucey (SOLD OUT)


It’s not always easy to talk about mental health.

Somehow, problems associated with the brain seem to be treated differently by that massive force we call Society, than, say, problems associated with our kidneys. Our digestion. Or the heart.

Strange, right?

After all, the brain is just another bodily organ.

Ruby Wax gave a TedTalk about navigating this socially-constructed stigma (you can watch it here). Whether it’s Alzheimer’s, OCD, biploar or depression, how many of us are comfortable talking about it?

Together with Le Cool, we have organised an informal evening and nourishing talk about “Mental health & well being.”


Wednesday May 21 @7:30 pm

Tickets €10

Urbun Cafe, Old Bray Road, Dublin 18



I’ll be highlighting foods to help feed the brain. Will they cure depression? Probably not. Opinion is still divided. But strong evidence suggests they can greatly assist recovery.

Professor Jim Lucey is one of Ireland’s most respected psychiatrists. His new book, In My Room, brings us through patient case studies and mental health issues, right through to recovery. The book hopes to help de-stigmatise attitudes towards mental “dis”orders.


Will you join us?

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    1. Susan Jane

      Hi Vanessa,

      Apologies. The event sold out, and the link became invalid. How annoying.

      We hope to do another one soon, and will post about it in the coming months.

      Thanks for your interest! xx

  1. Jackie van den Bergh


    I am interested in attending your mental health evening in Bray but I can’t book a ticket on the site. Could you send me the link please?


    1. Susan Jane

      Hello Jackie,

      The link broke as the event sold out very quickly. So sorry. If you phone Urbun Cafe and leave your number, they may have a cancellation on the night. It was incredibly popular, so we may do another one during the summer.

      Best wishes

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