New Video – Coffee Bean Halva

I have a new YouTube channel up, so check it out here for inspiration on the latest freaky superfoods.

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Here’s my latest video, making coffee bean halva.


filming susan jane


So, erm, coffee is not a superfood.

But so many of you dig it!

As requested, here’s a way to get your fix AND sneak in a dose of some stealthy B-vitamins. B is for Battery, Brain, Beauty, Booty …





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  1. dal

    Hi SJ!  This looks great! I’d love any recipe suggestions for an ultimately ultra nutritious super skin smoothie please! Something healing that could be drunk most days and would also help us to get some of our daily veg in too. I’m about to experiment with coconut water, avocado, kale, blueberries, almonds etc but if you’ve anything up you’re sleeve that tastes great that would be fab! Very excited about making coconut yoghurt as it’s really hard to get in shops in Sheffield! Have also been dreaming of a healthier version of coconut ice (cocunut, sugar, condensed milk I think) which my mum used to make when I was little…and any goats kefir suggestions. Apologies for the long list…thought I’d grab the opportunity! Oh, and a pizza base too. Ok, I’m defintely going now…

    1. Susan Jane

      Hi Shelley. Yes – the mixture isn’t warm enough! Glad you asked. It happens in cold kitchens where the ingredients a little colder than average. Does that sound familiar? Keep the date syrup on the heat, and add the remaining ingredients, still on the heat in this case. Pour immediately, and that should make an unreasonably smooth and perfect halva! Good luck!

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