New video: Bee Pollen


Ever wonder what the fuss is all about? 

A load of wind? Or vegan’s viagra?

Allow me to explain, and to give an honest evaluation of the superfood du jour bee pollen.



You’ll find an INCREDIBLE bee pollen recipe here for your breakfast, or a sneaky treat to restore energy levels at the office right here.

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  1. sarah

    Hi Sarah Jane
    Congrats on your book. I received it today (in Australia) and it looks great. One addition for the next edition – a shopping list! Maybe by category. I’m just trawling it now to try to get the key staple ingredients in one go and a list would be Fab!!

    1. Susan Jane

      Great idea! Thanks Sarah – so pleased it found your kitchen. I’d recommend starting with the banana toffee ice cream 😉 You can build on your pantry from there… or maybe you’ll never need to leave that page!

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