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It’s back #chiamania

Here’s one to service hormones and hismones.




Can’t find milled chia in a store near you?

No problem. A coffee grinder will mill whole chia seeds for you. We get our stash of milled chia online here, or nab packets of these in our local health store.

You can also just replace the first 3 ingredients below with 1 extra egg y’all.


160ml almond or other milk
3 tablespoons milled chia
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

200g block of creamed coconut
200g 70-85% dark choc
200g coconut sugar
3 eggs
100g ground almonds
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon sea salt flakes
30g chocolate chunks (optional)


Make the omega-3 potion by soaking the milled chia in the plant-based milk and vanilla. Magic.

Meanwhile, melt the dark chocolate and creamed coconut in a bain-marie. This is a just a shallow bowl covering a pan of simmering water (1/2 inch in depth). The steam rising from the water will gently melt the content of the bowl, so long as the bowl never touches the water.

With an electric whisk (or tenacity), whip the coconut sugar with the eggs to introduce loads of air.

Tumble in remaining ingredients, and stir briefly.

Time to parachute in the glossy ganache – every last drop.

Finally, the gooey chia mix. In it goes.

Scoop into a 8×12 lined tin and bake at 180 Celsius for 30 minutes maximum. If you only have an 8×8 square brownie tin, leave it in 8 minutes longer, but don’t use the entire batter. A little of the mixture needs to be sacrificed for an 8×8 to work.

Leave to cool at room temp for an hour, and chill until dastardly delicious.


Taking the hell out of healthy.

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  1. Christine

    Oh my god! I just made this recipe and it is AMAZING!  Thank you for sharing this fabulous recipe. A perfectly rich and chocalately treat. I will definitely incorporate this recipe into my monthly celebration!

    1. Susan Jane

      Oh! The tin size is especially important. If it’s a square 8×8, then it won’t cook in the centre 😉 Also, store in the fridge. Could that help? FInal point – it’s worth purchasing an oven thermometer for 5 dollars. 100% of the ovens I have worked with over the past 10 years have not been the correct temperature. It’s crucial to have an independent thermometer when baking. (Ovens often lie!!) I hope this helps. They are magnificent, so do persist and you will be rewarded! 😉

  2. Siobhan

    Hi Susan
    Just made these Brownies which were seriously scrumptious and a huge hit with the kiddos. Was my first time using creamed coconut and had a look at the back of the box before throwing it in the bin, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the amount of saturated fat it contained! I know coconut veers from the bad to good fat list but I’m wondering where do I stand with this particular ingredient? Are these Brownies supposed to be guilt free in comparison to a traditional Brownie or are they still a treat that should be eaten in moderation? The 60g of saturated fat on the box made me think we should step away from the Brownies!!

    1. Susan Jane

      Hi Siobhan, I’m afraid this is an area you need to navigate yourself. I don’t ban saturated fats from my diet. There is increasing evidence to suggest we need it in moderation for the production of hormones. See Joanna Blythman on this. Coconut is predominantly MCT fat too, meaning it can be broken down and utilised as energy I believe also. You can use butter or goat’s butter no problem instead in this recipe. Moderation seems sensible. But I guarantee these are preferable to any store bought equivalent or cheap noxious packaged brownies. No chemicals. Just pure, unadulterated, nutrient-dense treat (not designed to replace meals!) I hope this helps. Joanna Blythman’s book “What To Eat” is indispensable in our home 😉

    1. Susan Jane

      Hi there – I haven’t tried this I’m afraid so couldn’t offer advice. I have a few recipes online with The Sunday Independent which might be more suitable? I’m also uploading a fabulous brownie recipe tomorrow with just 3 ingredients … 😉

  3. Marius

    Good afternoon Susan, 
    I joie this message finds you well! 
    I just have a simple question concerning these delinquent brownies: where do you usually store them and most importantly, for how long ? 
    I also wanted to express my gratitude regarding your incredible book & lifestyle, both of which being great sources of inspirationfor me! 
    I could almost say that you are the one who changed the way I appreciate and treat my whole body, as well as my way to enjoy and see life! 
    Thank you very much Susan!

  4. Marius

    Good evening Susan, I hope this message finds you well!
    I made these sumptuous brownies today and I do concede that they are terribly and \”achingly\” delicious!
    However, I do have a simple question concerning these little devils: where do you usually store them and most importantly, for how long ? I also wanted to express my gratitude regarding your incredible book & lifestyle, both of which being great sources of inspiration for me! I could almost say that you are the one who changed the way I appreciate and treat my whole body, as well as my way to enjoy and see life!
    Thank you very much Susan!

    1. Susan Jane

      Wow! What a generous message to share with me, thank you Marius. So glad this recipe found you. We keep them in the fridge for up to 4 weeks. They also freeze beautifully but I challenge you to keep them for that long!!!

  5. Sarah

    I am simply dying to make these brownies but I am not able to get creamed coconut where I live. I am not able to find raw butter or goat butter either. The only butter that is available is the commercial one. We do get, however, coconut milk or cream in a can. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can replace this with? 

  6. Katie

    Oh good god, 3rd time I\’ve made these. Your book was lost and then found in a house move so it\’s been a while… Added cacao nibs, hemp protein powder (I was out of almond meal) and some lucuma – HOLY COW I just love this recipe. My 3 year old was eating your basic quinoa  with salmon and broccoli – and I was standing in the kitchen feeling like the ultimate domesticated goddess when my beautiful 3 year old says oh sorry mommy I used your jammie top to wipe by bum… 

    1. Susan Jane

      Haven’t tried this yet, but let me know if it works! I’m working a lot with psyllium husks which replaces the need for eggs (See the vegan banana bread recipe and milf muffins on my blog. A few more recipes in my 2nd cookbook). Works beautifully 😉

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