90-second Cookbook Trailer

When I’m not tarting around, or talking about my ghee, I’m praising the life of Honuts. (The Healthy Donut).

Maybe I should have called it The Wholefood Whore?

Out now, in American bookstores.




Calling all beloved New Yorkers, see you in Rizzoli Bookstore @6pm, Feb 13th? I’m plotting to lure you into bookstore signings with indecent amounts of raw chocolates and aphrodisiacs.




Filmed by Saskia Vermeulen.

Photograph by Joanne Murphy, The Virtuous Tart cookbook.

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    1. Susan Jane

      Yesssss! Released last week! Amazon should have them in stock, as well as your local bookstore (or they’ll get it in). You could badger your local library to get it in too, if you prefer 😉 Chuffed to find your kitchen!

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