Banana Toffee Ice Cream

Eating good food sends my hormones into party mode.

It’s a sensory pleasure, just like listening to African drums or soaking up a swatch of unexpected sunshine.

So here’s my favourite ice cream recipe to feed your cells as well as your soul.  

When you’re looking for sweeteners, untreated honey gets my vote. Raw agave is only recommended if you suffer from wonky blood sugar levels. That’s because agave has absolutely no nutritional plaudits, though it does serve as a useful alternative to sugar for diabetics. Sadly, like all fads and fashions, there are many fakes on the market that make shopping evermore complicated.

Maple syrup is also exquisite, but my bank account doesn’t seem to love it as much as I do. If you want something a little lower on the glycemic scale, you could try brown rice syrup or coconut nectar.

Whatever you choose, be prepared to party darlinks. This is 100% unadulterated pleasure.


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Banana Toffee Ice Cream


4 medium over-ripe bananas

Decent pinch sea salt flakes

Handful of plump raisins or chopped Medjool dates

1x340g jar of light tahini

1 teaspoon vanilla extract or powder

½ cup of raw honey, agave or maple syrup



Roughly mash two and a half of the bananas with some salt flakes.

Stir through raisins or chopped dates if using. I use Medjool dates because they are sent from angels. Or demons. Not sure which, but I encourage you to indulge me and try a few licky sticky yummy ones. Dried dates are fine to use too, but taste crunchy in the ice cream as opposed to squidgy. Raisins are delectably chewy, and noticeably cheaper.

In a separate bowl, beat the tahini, vanilla, and 80% of the honey with a fork until sumptuously smooth.

Fold in banana mess.

Now chop the remaining one and a half bananas into chunks and stir through the entire ice cream mixture. Drizzle the final 20% of honey over the top, and swirl it with a fork to create caramel strands.

Pour into a plastic cylindrical tub, seal, and freeze overnight. It’s a humdinger for hangovers.



I’m on me holliers, paddling in freezing cold water, so this is a recipe taken from The Extra Virgin Kitchen y’all. Photography by the exquisite Jo Murphy.

Love and toffee,



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