COUGH AND COLD REMEDY, with Carrageen & Cloves

We Irish are often seen wearing Kleenex this time of year. While I can’t remedy the former, the latter can be resolved with this Harry Potter potion. Cellotape the instructions to your kitchen cupboard. You’ll be glad you did when you feel a pesky tickle in your throat. This recipe has been passed through neighbours, family and friends for twenty odd years. It’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial and swinging with crucial trace minerals.

Carrageen is a type of seaweed available in select Superquinns and in all good health food stores. Did you know that seaweed is our very own national superfood? Forget visions of slimy tidal pools. They’re more like the linguini of the sea. Marine-y linguini.

I totally understand that seaweed sounds gross. That’s why Oprah calls it ocean-veg. And like Oprah, all the finest dames are scoffing it. Seaweed is the superhero of the dinner plate. Broccoli would genuflect in its presence.

Prannie Rhatigan, a GP and culinary genius from Donegal, uses seaweed daily for its star-studded medicinal value. Her book “Seaweed Kitchen” details how recessionistas can harvest it for free, tap into its nutritional storehouse and disguise it in children’s meals. A doctor in the kitchen sounds like an outrageously sensible idea. Brava!

Roughly 20g Carrageen moss
3 cloves
1 tablespoon Manuka or raw honey
2 tablespoons cider vinegar

Soak the carrageen in water for 30 minutes to rehydrate it. Remove, discard liquid, and rinse under the cold tap. Boil in a large saucepan with the cloves and around 700ml of fresh water.

After 25 minutes, strain the brew and allow cool to lip temperature before stirring in honey and cider vinegar.

When it turns cold, the brew will set like a jelly. Should this happen, gently re-heat to make it liquidy once again. If your cough is particularly chesty, make several batches and sip away all day with the aid of a couple of Woody Allens.

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  1. Catherine

    Just making your receipe, hoping beyond hope it helps, bad chest cough antibiotics didn’t work, not going there again, il let you know how I get on, I’ve a cough that would deafen you, has me drained, 
    Forever hopeful and optimistic 

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