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Stylist and Photographer Sandra Mahut Parisla tartine gourmande in the kitchen

After very little deliberation, I flew to Paris this week for a food photography workshop. I’m like a child throwing jelly beans into the air, pelting through the avenues. Even the pigeons look like they’re flirting with me.

I am in extraordinary company. Food bloggers from Denmark, Sweden and Turkey have joined La Tartine Gourmande and Sandra Mahut in a workshop to share their creativity and generous spirit. I adore these ladies. (But keep eating their props).


3 sonja Paris sif and bea paris


And today my lungs are inflamed with excitement.

The Extra Virgin Kitchen just went on its 3rd print run. I’m plastered in factor 50 like an Irish Mary Poppins (it’s 15 degrees in Paris, but that’s basically a scorcher for a Dubliner). And I’ve just spotted my book in electronic form on Amazon (eBook for Kindle lovers).

As a virtual raise the roof, I’d love if you could help nominate The Extra Virgin Kitchen for consideration by The Observer Food Monthly cookbook awards? What do you think?




If yes, all you have to do is click here to access the voting form, enter your name & contact number (don’t worry about the region you select: it won’t matter for cookbooks), skip down to number seven “Best New Cookbook.” 

That’s it! Your good karmadoodle done for the day! I hope it’s a good one.

A seriously big thank you.

Your Irish tart,



5 strawberry tartlet



6 Bea Paris 6 Paris Crumble


4 tartletSusan Jane white Paris Workshop


Next food photography workshop is in Sicily with Bea from La Tartine Gourmande. I can’t recommend it enough.







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