I’m teaming up with one of Ireland’s top chefs, Domini Kemp, at Harvey Nichols this month. Join us for a 3-course supersonic supper, free from dairy, wheat and refined sugar to kickstart your liver after the yuletide debauchery. 

I’ll be at hand to answer tricky questions about navigating health stores, feeding your sweet tooth without sacrificing your taste buds, and why kale is still achingly trendy.

Don’t panic – we won’t quarantine the wine list, so feel free to fortify the evening with whatever pleases you. Some say grapes are your 1-a-day, right? 


susan janedomini


ITSA, Harvey Nichols Dundrum


€29 per person


To book, please email HarveyNichols@Itsa.ie (advance payment will be required to secure your seat). Will we see you there?


Lots of love and goji berries,

Your local nut*


* nutritional cook



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    1. Susan Jane

      Good question. We haven’t finalised the menu, but you can book with a special vegetarian request. Many do. We usually whip up a superfood salad, and stuff all manner of colourful flavours on the plate.

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